SAE INDIA Aero Design Challenge


The national event of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), Aero design challenge 2018 held at ANNA university, Chennai with 112 remarkable teams participating in the competition representing various institutions and universities all over INDIA.  Students came out with different innovative ideas of aircraft models to participate in the competition. The competition was categorized in two classes, the regular and the micro class unmanned aircraft Vehicles (UAV).

The journey begun with the concept of innovations to build UAVs of two classes. The teams were formed in the month of November, 2017 with students of different thought process. With an effort of individual work, the teamwork went on making the design report, model fabrication and testing and finally the technical presentation in a sequential manner with the best outcomes and guidelines. Our teams from Institute of Aeronautical Engineering (IARE), Hyderabad has taken an initiative to participate in the competition for the first time with the spirit of developing a new innovative concept for two classes.

Team IARE ABHYAS developed a twin wing single boom UAV with electrical power system of 5,200 mAh and a 2200volts battery which was imported from Hongkong to carry the highest payload of 4 .1kg and could complete its mission profile with a 15m/sec speed at a height of 100ft.

Team IARE LAKSHYA participated in micro class category designed a MAV with the lowest empty weight of 800grams and carried the highest payload of 3kgs. The interesting factor was the design of the aircraft wing with the interpolation of airfoil’s that helped the aircraft to carry the highest payload and generate more lift.

Two teams out of 112 teams representing the team IARE ABHYAS and team IARE LAKSHYA have participated in both the categories with an awe struck innovations that brought the highlight of the award evening for obtaining the first prize for the best innovation to team IARE ABHYAS regular class model with a tandem wing configuration followed by the first prize for the best technical presentation and design report. With an energetic journey of the competition, the team was awarded second for the overall performance. Another joyfulness and doubling the victory by team IARE LAKSHYA has won the second place for the best technical presentation in the micro class category. Behind every successful thing stands people with encouraging thoughts and minds the Faculty advisors from IARE Mr. GSD Madhav and Ms. Y Shwetha was an asset to the entire team.  

Seven Students for each team with 14 students in total from IV year Aishwarya, Naveen, Sushma, Dedeepya, Arathi with the III year student Sai Durgesh and a I year student Arzun Nambiar together comprised the IARE ABHYAS and also for Team IARE LAKSHYA

Sai Vinay, Sai Pradyumna Reddy, Rachel, Durgesh Kamat, Charan from IV year and Sravan Kumar, Sweshika from the III year have created a wonderful platform for themselves .A ton full of happiness was personified among all the students who have participated with the amazing platform that was organized by the SAE INDIA.

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We live in the world where things don’t favour us all the time. Never give up at such situations. Remembering the famous personality, Henry Ford’s quote stating, “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the air plane takes off against the wind, not with it.” Imbibing the culture of teamwork and knowledge, the students come forward consisting of various ideas that are combined together with a unity that everyone stand on toes in attaining goals and objectives of the organisation. The next essential point is that each and everyone understands the priorities and strategies that would help the organisation to build up the plans.

Therefore, a clear instruction along with the leadership qualities can only be set up an organisation and the reason behind IARE ASTRA is togetherness and knowledge worth spreading.

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