About Us

The team IARE ASTRA is representing INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING Hyderabad, INDIA in SAE International Aero Design competitions East 2019. The team is formed from Aeronautical Students Technical and Research Association (ASTRA) members under the Department of Aeronautical Engineering with keen interest towards the design and development of UAVs. ASTRA is formed by the students of Aeronautical engineering department to enrich the skills and knowledge in Aerospace domain. Since its inception in 2015, it has been participated in various competition all over the world, recently students from ASTRA represented INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING in SAE INDIA Aero design challenge 2018 for regular class (IARE ABHYAS) and micro class (IARE LAKSHYA) and relished our success with 5 prestigious awards in the categories of Best design, Best Technical, Best Innovation and Overall performance. Now the team is participating in SAE International Aero Design competitions East 2019 to take an opportunity to show case their skills in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Development.

Currently the team IARE ASTRA consists of 12 members with the following verticals acts as sub teams, working towards a common goal.

Technical Team

Design Team

Operations Team

Fabrication Team