What We Do

We the students of Institute of Aeronautical Engineering are desired to do wonders in life. We have a passion in life to do the best and to make the best out of every experience.

College is a place where many events takes place each day. Each day is filled with some new task that makes to be taken care of. It is very difficult to find the energy to get out of bed each morning, but with encouragement given at college from the faculty advisors and friends, everyone can make. Finally, with passion and determination of mind we were able to compete in SAE ADC INDIA competition and are with great team spirit to compete in various competitions as well.

How We Do

Our strategy begins with the word UNITY and that is how we progress in everything we do.

For every two weeks there is a brain storming session heading with the faculty advisers, captain along with the team members with enormous ideas put together and bringing up the innovation in building the model.

Implementation (Planning): The best part begins when the imaginary actions are brought into reality and that is how the work begins.

And the final test flights are done including failures and the final success is achieved to reach the sky, which is not the limit for Aeronautical Engineers.