"The SAE ADC INDIA participants from HYDERABAD have done a wonderful job in their works and came out with the best innovative models that of the regular and micro aerial vehicles. Hoping for more innovations from the team IARE."
-Faculty of Aeronautical Engineering
"Its such a good work and project. Keep continuing your project to full fill your mission."
Associate Dean, KMITL, Thailand
-Dr. Wisanu Pecharapa
"Thanks for a good experience. Very impressive work done by the students of Aeronautical Engineering. Good luck to the entire team."
Assistant to the Dean, KMITL, Thailand.
-Kamol Wasapinyokul
"The project is very interesting. It can be applied for the real life. Continue well on this project."
Vice-President for Internal Affairs, Thailand
-Chaiyan Jettanasen
"Very good project and creation. All the very best for your further projects."
Dean, KMITL, Thailand.
-Dr. Anuchit Jaruvanawat
"Excellent, Enthusiastic & Dynamic Team. The team is putting its best efforts in Aero Design and coming with a real time workable models. Best wishes for them in all future endeavours."
Programme AD, DRDO & Vice-Chairman, Aerospace Division of SAEISS Hyderabad Division.
Dr. Y Sreenivas Rao
“A team with the spirit of winning”, I have seen it in each and every student. They have not only made the college and the faculty advisors proud but have also set a benchmark for themselves. A very happy moment that is to be cherished forever. All the god wishes to both the teams.
Chairman, IARE
-Marri Rajasekhar Reddy
" A very good job done by our students. Happy for the entire team and all the very best wishes for their further competitions and future."
Executive Director & Treasurer
"Two teams representing IARE for the SAE ADC INDIA competition in Chennai was one achievement. Apart from being a part, the major awards were owned by our students, which was an unforgettable moment and a blessed one. All the heartful congratulations to the faculty advisors who stood with team supporting them throughout and the team members for creating history."
Secretary, IARE
-Dr. Ch. Sathi Reddy
"With a remarkable participation, for the first time in the history of IARE, the students representing the Department of Aeronautical Engineering have brought an accent to the college. Being a proud moment to the college, I congratulate the team on behalf of entire college and all the best wishes for their further competitions. "
Principal, IARE.
-L V N Prasad
"My students have made me proud by keeping up the word. Each and every one have thrived to reach their aim. A huge support from the college and the department itself was the great stepping-stone. The support and guidance of the faculty advisors was constant throughout. A final congratulations to the team for their hard work."
-Dr. D Govardhan
"I have been with them during the competition. A wonderful team to say, their teamwork and the dedication that they have shown made them win numerous prizes. A big congratulation to the team and hoping for more achievements in future."
Professor, AE
-Dr. Prasanta Kumar Mohanta
"Sometimes it is better to bunk a class and do something apart from academics because when we look back marks does not count but the experience does, is something apt that I feel for these students. They have gained a wonderful experience and have set a benchmark to all the upcoming students of IARE."
Professor, AE
-Dr. Maruthupandiyan K
"These students have started their mission from their third year of the second semester from where they have been working hard for the two categories of UAV to finally reach the target. I am very happy for their victory in SAE ADC 2018."
Professor, AE
-Dr. Y B Sudhir Shastry

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